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Canoe rental

The trip along the Kongeaa River

There is no better way to experience Kongeåen than precisely on it.
You only sail with the current on Kongeåen, meaning from east to west. If you take the entire navigable route from Andst bridge to Kongeå lock, it is about 50 km, and you should expect that you can sail a maximum of 25 km per day. Kongeå Camping is located approximately halfway through the journey.
We rent out canoes and are happy to assist in bringing them to the location on Kongeåen where you want to start sailing and/or pick them up where the trip ends.
We are happy to help you plan a great trip.
Find much more useful information at www.kongeaastien.dk

What is the cost of renting a canoe?

400 DKK per day
  • Following 300 DKK per day